General overview

The application is quite well-designed and is quite comfortable to use. All the buttons, settings are pulled out, so users don’t have to waste another click to open the settings. This is shown in the Creating help and Overview part.

The application is carefully designed. The application designers must have tried to make the UI attractive and energetic. This is reflected in the bright color they have chosen and the way they arrange control elements.

However, the color and some rotated buttons somehow distract the users. Though this first looks new and exciting, it’s not suitable to make the user comfortable using for long time. This seems to exist in every page. Like in Overview, the Help him/her! and Refer a friend buttons is way to large. It stands out from the helps’ content and again somehow prevent the user to focus on the proper things.

Some control elements are not properly placed, like some red buttons and Button in the project page.

The main problem the application may encounter is that the work flow is not comfortable, users are kind of lazy to go because they don’t feel solid when using the app.


2 Responses to “GetHelp!”

  1. 1 Kent February 17, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Do you think too little or too much information or just right?

  2. 2 khoadang February 17, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    I think the information is a little too much, or just right, but not properly displayed.

    The main purpose is to make user feel comfortable and convincing when using the app.
    I have realized some points to deal with:

    -Items can be grouped to give freedom space. This apply to Help’s details and the Help’s settings in Home Page and Helpers and Probables in Project Page. They can be grouped and only be displayed when triggered. The reason is that users entering “Get Helps!” are supposed to be looking for helps, and are having not so good mood as the normal ones :D. So the UI should be clean for them to feel solid. UI should display only essential info.

    -Another common issue is that some texts appear to be long. For this reason, some pages like Overview Page and Project Page look a little crowded. In my opinion, the right menu column could be converted to tabs. For example, “Your Fires
    You have 3 ongoing Projects” can be shown as: “Your Fires (3)” Also, the control elements’ description should be converted to tooltip.

    -Some links and control elements should be shown only when the user enter the triggering areas (the images or the texts) in order to create a clean and neat looking

    -Some fonts are a little too large I think. It’s only good at getting user’s attention and even, generate not very comfortable experiences (many people understand large font as big sounds)

    -I have 2 UI approaches for myself: One is more focusing on the app’s usability, using very simple and clean design, less but consistent colors. This makes the app more formal and frank. Another is trying to make the app looks cool, appeallingly colorful (maybe with animations also), and trying to make users feel interested as if they were in game. In this case, the application perhaps currently in the middle of two design. I believe it can be better if we revise and do some proper changes.

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