Case Studies

Some years ago me and my friends were very pleased to conclude that the more we learn, the more stupid we realise we are. In fact, A. Einstein has ever said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.” . Well how right it is when I finished this morning midterm test. I made some silly mistakes as usual. That must be my fav way of doing test..!!
J/k I’ll get the grade back soon.

So, we discussed about two case studies last meeting, mainly about UI design and team work.

I had an oppotunity to learn/revise some principles in UI designs like: keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it focus.. In my user experience, I see two common mistakes: 1. the designer try to publish so much info on a single page, making it very untidy and also making the page take time to load 2. there something distracting the user. So just keep it simple and clean. It sounds simple, but quite complicated. It’s about the personal taste and there’re just guidlines.

Btw, I found some problems with the smiley faces on the right in the current GetHelp! If it were me I would put the user’s balloon status at the profile photo and abandon those smiley faces or making them smaller at somewhere else. Another thing is that I’m wondering why most of the text in the apps are formatted bold.

The second case study has interesting questions. I learnt quite a lot from Vincent.


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