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Seminar: MS Technologies

Yesterday I attended the second lecture.

Well, this module doesn’t offer many lectures as others, but the amount of stuff it transfers in each lecture is tremendous. I am opened, and feel like I have to rush, not like the safety feeling after a maths lecture. However, how reasonable it is not requiring the students to master the technologies. But, wait, maybe it’s not only about technology.

It looks like Scheme did change me a little bit. Now in everything I look at, there’re always patterns. And so is everything in cs3216. I’ve realised my proffessor is teaching something, and introducing technologies is one of the means he uses to teach. Is it about how to think, how to apply, how to dare to do?? Hey, perhaps he said that in the beginning. Yeah.. I don’t know. Again, I spend time to have some troubles thinking back and forth, and then conclude something very classic, very not-new. But I believe it’s not useless, it’s built again from the beginning. It is proved and I am confident to apply it.

Anyway, the technologies engrossed me. Although I’ve seen or heard about most of the things introduced, but it’s still attracted. Xbox Live, what an idea! The menu animation is good haha. And WPF, amazing of what it can do. Hey, about SmoothHD, looks like it streams depending on the available bandwidth. In my block’s network, it’s contanstly changing quality between handphone video and hd. Well, well..

This life is tough. Funny if a student says that, isn’t it? Maybe the scenario is that he’s like nearly drowning in middle of the ocean of mixed stuff, where choosing to use the remaining stamina of call for help or to swim around finding islands is a decisive choice. But either choice, the surviving possibility is almost.. Sounds terribly. Well, I like the quotation: “it’s not fun when you know certainly that you’ll be successful” (James)

Okay, it was a  new positive impression on Microsoft and funny thoughts..


The first meeting

Well, I won’t tell it was cool or not.

I just want to say that it was one of the best  class meeting I ever have.